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I am living a simple life... and I am loving it!

People often associate simplicity with minimalism - which I totally get, but I often times view minimalism as something that could almost have a negative connection to your mental processes - do I have too many shoes? Is this considered an impulse buy? Should I throw this, donate it, or keep it? The list can go on and on and on. But if you feel the need to stick me in a box, I guess I'm 75% a minimalist - but I LIVE on SIMPLICITY - as a state of mind!

Simplicity is key, and the purest form of anything. I think Vincent Van Gogh said "How difficult it is to be simple." TRUE! But you need to become clear on what matters by getting rid of everything that doesn't, emotionally and mentally speaking. Simplicity is simply not about deprivation, it's about the greater appreciation of things that really do matter, especially on what truly matters to you.

I don't think too much about much. I know, I know, what does this mean? Well, be personable without taking things personally, because no one is out to get you. To put it in simpler terms - don't overthink. But how does one not overthink? Here are the things I tell myself when I feel like my mind is getting a little too complex:

  1. Keep your thoughts productive. - Why am I stuck on that one thing that happened the other day? I can't change it, my intentions are always pure.

  2. Time to do something else. - If I just can't seem to change what I'm thinking about, it's time for me to go take a break from whatever it was I was doing that got me into the destructive thought process. Go to the bathroom, stretch it out, change the music I was listening to - anything to break the cycle that was going through my mind.

  3. You've trained your brain to be mindful. Why stop now? - Stop thinking about yesterday and tomorrow. Everything always works out in the end. You've put out the best and more kind intentions to the world, it will come back the way you deserve it.

With all that being said, keep things simple because simplicity and success go together. And I think that keeping a simple mind will help you keep a positive outlook on life and thus making it second nature for you to put out good karma into the world - which, in return, keeps positive, beneficial and worthwhile encounters within your horizon.

I know this could be a little out of the box but I thoroughly enjoy and love the life I have been living with a simple mindset. It keeps things uncomplicated and allows me to habitually spread good karma.

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