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Please, we’re begging you to ask us how we color! Why? Because we all color so differently, we color with different shades, with different strengths, with bright tones with dark shades - we all color differently. BUT, everything we make is a beautiful piece of art! Regardless of the colors used, the pressure applied, or the strokes made… it’s still beautiful because we took the time to make it.

Coloring is a lot like living… regardless of how you color, your life is beautiful, it is precious, and it is perfect because it’s YOUR MASTERPIECE!

Please join us in fighting the stigma surrounding mental health and help us normalize “coloring” in different ways and in different shades because it’s OK to not be OK. You don’t need to always be coloring in bright colors and it’s ok to have bad days because you are still perfect the way you are!

So, we want to know how do you color?! Please let us down below or comment on our social medias!

Check back later for how our board members color!

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